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Get the warmth and comfort of a gas fire in your home, fitted by a qualified gas engineer in Warrington, call:

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Gas fire installation, service and repair in Warrington

A gas fire in your home gives the comfort and warmth of real flame, but with the complete control you need. A gas fire can be a great feature in your home and add style to your living room.


If you have a gas fire to be fitted, repaired or serviced then give David Sloan Gas in Warrington a call.

David Sloan natural gas engineers for:

Is your gas fire leaving you cold?

Is your gas fire causing you problems with lighting, or staying alight? This could be easily rectified with a visit from our engineer. You'll soon be sitting warmly in your home with a fully serviced gas fire.

The safety of your gas appliances comes first. You need to be sure that they are fitted correctly, and are continuing to operate in a safe manner. Ask about our checks for gas leaks or carbon monoxide leaks in your home.

Gas fire checks, by professional engineers in Warrington

•  Gas fire installation

•  Gas fire servicing

•  Gas fire repairs


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