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Have your gas cooking appliances fitted safely and securely by an experienced gas fitter in Warrington, call:

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Gas appliance installation, service and repair in Warrington

Never be tempted to install a gas cooker or hob yourself, or get a friend who claims they can save you a fortune by fitting it for you. Gas is extremely dangerous, especially in inexperienced hands, plus you'd be breaking the law as it's illegal for anyone other than a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to fit a gas appliance. That law exists for your safety and the safety of others.


If you have a gas appliance to be fitted, or repaired then give David Sloan Gas in Warrington a call.

The appliances we install include:

Are you having trouble with your oven?

Are you getting frustrated with a cooker that won’t light, won’t stay lit, won’t cook your dinner or is always burning things?

This could be dangerous, not just inconvenient, so speak to David Sloan Gas today.

Not only is it important that you have your gas appliances fitted properly, it's also important that you have them regularly serviced to check for problems. Doing so prevents leaks and the chances of explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Keep your home and loved ones safe

“Fitted my gas cooker, was really good service, came out to me really fast and on time a very clean reliable service would recommend him to anyone, will be using again.”

- KS

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